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Psychic Witness by Eli Bernzweig

Psychic Witness

by Eli Bernzweig

184 pages
'Psychic Witness' is the legal/paranormal thriller about a twelve-year-old Hindu spiritual prodigy who makes legal history when, after he demonstrates his psychic powers, he is allowed by the court to testify in a celebrated murder trial in a Virginia courtroom.

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Category: Fiction:Legal
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About the Book
Twelve-year-old Morya Bennett is a Hindu spiritual prodigy whose psychic abilities are prodigious. They were acquired by him as a concomitant of his spiritual training via telepathy with his guru, Damodar, a Hindu Master of Wisdom who lives in Tibet.

After being interviewed for a television program by renowned television journalist Kevin Monell, Morya gets a strong premonition that Monellís life is in danger, and warns him accordingly. Monell ignores the warning and shortly thereafter is murdered at a nearby convenience store by two hoods, along with the manager of the store.

Using his psychic gifts, aided by his special talisman, Morya is able to give the police a complete description of the crime scene, resulting in the arrests, and eventual trial, of the two defendants. The book focuses on the legal maneuvering both before the trial and the drama in the courtroom when, in order to prove his qualifications as a witness, Morya is challenged to demonstrate his psychic powers.

The help given to the prosecution by the invisible Damodar adds an intriguing element to the dramatic events that result in legal history being made in an American courtroom.



About the Author
Eli P. Bernzweig is a retired federal government attorney with more than twenty-five years' experience as a health law specialist. His government service included serving as Executive Director of the H.E.W. Secretary's Commission on Medical Malpractice, and later he was a Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. Mr. Bernzweig is the author of five books and numerous articles dealing with the professional liability of doctors, nurses, lawyers and financial planners. This book is the prequel to his earlier novel, "A Death Interrupted."



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