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New Beginnings by Murray Levine

New Beginnings

by Murray Levine

336 pages
Julie, a rising executive may marry Henry, a retired widower who wants to study art. An unbeatable professional opportunity for her interferes. He pursues, offering steadiness, understanding and compassion. Can it overcome her desire to "fall crazy in love?" Can they find a deeper love by sharing life's problems?

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Julie, headstrong, worked her way up in management. She experienced an unfortunate love affair with a man who betrayed her. Vowing never to be hurt again, she lived out a secretive libertine youth. She still attended her local church. Henry, a fellow parishioner, was an accountant, about twenty years older than Julie. A childless widower, he just lost his wife to ovarian cancer. Julie was attracted to Henry, thinking of marriage,even though he was older, because he was good-looking and had a reputation for being a steady good person. Julie was, by now, tired of her libertine life. Even though he was not the "love of her life," she found him attractive as a person and "teachable." Henry, now a staid accountant, had grown up in a circus, leaving to be raised by a very conventional relative. Henry wanted to resume a career as an artist he had reluctantly given up in his youth. Their relationship develops emotionally and sexually, despite the 20-year age difference. Plans to marry are disrupted when she receives an offer of promotion she canít refuse. He pursues her. Eventually is his steadiness compensation for the "crazy in love" feeling she craved?



About the Author
Murray Levine, JD, Ph.D. is Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus (Psychology), SUNY at Buffalo. He has been elected president of the American Psychology Law Society and also the Society for Community Research and Action. In addition to being an editor and reviewer, he has published about 200 journal articles and books. This is his first attempt to write fiction, an endeavor he took up at age 88.



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