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Forever By Your Side by Michael Brown

Forever By Your Side

by Michael Brown

296 pages
Perhaps it was the weight of destiny that united one abandoned adolescent boy and one orphaned canine pup. Having come of age together the two set off to a location deep in the great north woods only to realize they have stumbled into that arcane borderland between good and evil.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Many are born into this world to a life of comfort. Others are simply born into hardship. Could it be that, to those less fortunate, a compassionate God does not turn a blind eye?

Forever by Your Side is a story about an adolescent lad long abandoned by his mother and an orphaned canine pup. Through the mystery of the unknown or perhaps thru providence they are united. The two grow and come of age together at a dangerous time and place.

In these days where men, machine, and science can so easily step beyond the pale and in doing so lead to consequences both unforeseen and tragic, it may still be the simple things that we can fall back upon that will see us through. Neither good nor evil possess any power we donít willingly hand over. The story you are about to read tells something of the evil that man, in a dark hour, is capable of unshackling.

In the end, should I ever be asked my preference for either worldly gain or the companionship of a faithful canine, I will always choose the faithful canine to be forever by my side.



About the Author
Michael Brown earned a BA from Utica College in 1973 and an MSW from Syracuse University in 1976. He and his wife reside in rural upstate New York. They are the parents of five sons and the grandparents of a mix of ten boys and girls. He is semiretired and shares his days with his family, his dog Silas, one horse, one pony and three cats.



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