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by Carrie Olsen

370 pages
After retiring from the army, John Williams tries to live a normal civilian life. But his dark secret makes this impossible; so he leaves his family in search of oblivion. However, he can't escape what happened, and as it begins to destroy him, he finds an unexpected path to salvation.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
After twenty years in the army, John Williams is trying to live a normal civilian life. But the face of a young Afghani girl continues to haunt him; and the dark secret that heís kept for over a year has led him to believe that his wife and daughter are better off without him. So, using a yearly hunting trip as a front, he leaves his family and goes in search of oblivion.

For months after, Johnís wife Kate and daughter Amy struggle to make sense of his leaving. But eventually, they find a way to rebuild their lives without him. Then, Kate discovers a letter that changes everything and she takes off on a journey to bring her husband home.

Meanwhile, John has recreated himself and started a new life of isolation. And, the liquor he now keeps continuously by his side has become his only friend. But then, during a night of drunken loneliness, he makes a connection with Linda Little, a Native American woman with secrets of her own.

Despite his efforts to sever this connection, Johnís relationship with Linda eventually puts him on the path to salvation and forces him to make an impossible choice...



About the Author
Carrie Olsen lives in Pueblo, CO, and is a registered nurse who has taken care of former soldiers with PTSD. This is her first novel.



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