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Sorcerers of the Silver City by Russell Knowles

Sorcerers of the Silver City

by Russell Knowles

448 pages
An engaging story of friendship, dialogue and humour. An insightful and informative tale of magick, Wicca and mysticism. There are no mythical wizards or Gandalf figures in this story! Read about the incredible events based on real Sorcerers that operated in Aberdeen, Scotland in the 1990s.

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Category: Fiction:Fantasy
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About the Book
This is a story of hope. That individuality is a key to something more permanent and spiritually meaningful against the backdrop of a dead, dusty, and mechanical, clockwork universe.

This is a story of growing up, of self-realisation and actualization against a backdrop of 1990s popular culture. You will definitely enjoy accompanying the main characters on their journey.

This is a story of friendship and of the hilarious dialogue and wit this involves; highlighting some of the character and witticisms of the north east of Scotland.

This is an amazingly revealing story of magick, Wicca and mysticism. Though there are no mythical wizards or Gandalf figures in this story, real magick is revealed. A scientist is exposed to Sorcery and key methods are clearly laid out. For the first time read about the people and events based on real-life witches that operated in Aberdeen, Scotland. You will get insight into the mind-set, skills and practices of real magicians, Sorcerers and magick. Although far from the mundane, this story is fantastic. This will inform you, this will challenge your views; you may never be the same again.



About the Author
Russell Knowles hails from a background of science and psychology but conversely has a great deal of experience with both Wicca and Magick. He writes from experience and clarity on the subject, engaging with both science and making forays into philosophy. His aim is to explain and make popular many hitherto unspoken and not well acknowledged aspects of magick for the general public, whilst entertaining the reader and provoking further thought.



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