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Learning to Make Toast by Kelly Sharp

Learning to Make Toast

by Kelly Sharp

302 pages
Joan Miller survived a traumatic brain injury and endured years of recovery to become the woman she was meant to be. Now she uses what she learned along the way to help others learn what they are truly worth.

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Category: Biography
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About the Book
After a lifetime of poor choices Joan Miller didnít believe in happy endings. Then she met John and discovered she could choose a different path. With the loving husband, the cute suburban house and even the dog, Joanís life was turning around.

Then it ended.

After the car crash left her body broken and her mind shattered, Joan had to begin again. She endured years of therapy re-learning to swallow, to walk and talk, to think and to function in a world she no longer recognized. Along the way she discovered her unexpected destiny as a mentor, an advocate and a public speaker.

Joan has been given a second chance and is determined to make it count. Whether itís starting a support group for fellow brain injury survivors, speaking out on the dangers of drunk driving or teaching teens about the power of making better choices, Joan is on a mission to change the world.



About the Author
Kelly Sharp began dabbling in writing as a free-lance author for magazines with a Public Safety audience. Successful authors say to write what you know and, after 20 years in 911, she knows all about emergencies. Learning to Make Toast, a story about what happens to the victims of drunk driving after the 911 call, is her first book.



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