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BLACK DAWN by Brett Diffley


by Brett Diffley

324 pages
A continuation of the Davenport series, Black Dawn picks up where Black Tide left off, with Tom Spears tracking his wife's kidnapper from Washington State, to New York, and then to the rugged Debar Mountain Range. It's here a whole new mystery unravels, which further diminishes his chances of survival...

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Black Dawn is a continuation of the Davenport series, and picks up where Black Tide left off. In a race against time, Tom Spears is tracking his wife’s kidnapper from Washington State, to New York. Six days later, he finally catches up with them. A battle to save her ensues, and it’s there Tom begins to understand who’s responsible when he confronts a professional killer from Tom’s dark and ominous past—a past that began with the loss of his family, and then later unfolded into a whole new and unimaginable life working for the New York mob. His name is Bishop Styles. Efficient and deadly, he is known as the Duke of killers, and the confrontation launches Tom on a crusade for vengeance. He declares war on all involved, and a trail of dead bodies soon follows. This takes Spears, alias the Shadow, to northern New York and the Debar mountain range—a remote, inhospitable region, where the crime syndicate operates its illegal grow fields. And while there, he stumbles onto a whole new mystery—a tragedy that will tear at his very soul, and take him in an unexpected direction that will further diminish his chances of survival...


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About the Author
Brett Diffley Author - Brett Diffley
  • Born in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Raised in Tri-Cities, Washington
  • Attended Finley High School
  • Living in Black Diamond, Washington



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