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MEGA-SMALL CHURCH by Dr. Stephen A. Robinson


by Dr. Stephen A. Robinson

164 pages
Pastors are driven by the number of people who attend their churches believing that alone validates their ministry. If we would pull back the cover from this false narrative we would discover that 90% of all churches in America have fewer than 500 people. Therefore a MEGA-Small Church becomes achievable.

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About the Book
Many pastors and church planters believe that if they donít grow their organization to a thousand people they have failed. The truth that no one seems to admit is that 90% of all churches in America are under 500 people.

Maybe instead of trying to reach one thousand or two thousand people perhaps our goal should be 500 and under. Thatís a reasonable objective - one that I believe will eliminate the pressure of trying to be greater than that elusive 5 or 10%.

A Mega-Small church is one thatís big enough to impact your neighborhood and perhaps your city but small enough so that you donít lose focus about what it means to be a community within a community with the possibility to impact your region and perhaps the nations.


"Dr. Robinson's courage to show us the reality of church in a post-modern era is both refreshing and invigorating. This is more than a book, it's a manual on how to be huge regardless of the numeric size of your ministry. He redefines what success is and shows us, through precept and example, that you don't have to be mega in size in order to have a major impact in your community. This ought to be required reading for every pastor."
- Dr. Jeffery A. Williams, Bishop, The King's Cathedral, Providence, Rhode Island
You're about to benefit from one of the very best leaders I've known over a 30 year military career chock full of exceptional leaders. Seriously. You'll learn personal leadership from a man committed to his family and God's calling on his life. Professional leadership from a business-savvy pastor growing a fledgling staff through many challenges into an effective ministry team impacting thousands of lives over many decades. Integrative leadership that peels off divisive labels to capitalize on New England's social, racial, economic and Christian diversity and capture the power inherent in a united Body of Christ. And spiritual leadership from a man humbly but relentlessly led by God to return souls to their Father. Oh - and fair warning - you'll be confronted by a leader that looks you straight in the eye and asks, "Why not you?"

I was blessed to hear many of these stories over coffee when LeAnn and I served as elders under Steve and Mary at CrossPoint. I have no doubt that you and the folks you share this book with will be blessed and inspired too.
- Captain Don Bosch, United States Navy, Retired
Calling, vision and being Spirit led does not void strategic planning. Through the narrative of CrossPointís journey from a store front church to a multicultural ministry making regional impacts, Dr. Robinson show us how praying and planning are crucial components to ministry. More than the history of a ministry, Mega-small presents to us critical principles that all pastors would do well to appropriate. Dr. Robinsonís work gives us both overarching principles and checklists for ministry. Wherever you find yourself on your ministry journey, this book will serve you not only as a resource but as encouragement as you fulfill Godís calling in your life.
- Rev. Michael Perez, Executive Pastor, CrossPoint Church



About the Author
Dr. Stephen A. Robinson Stephen A. Robinson and his wife Mary are the co-founders and senior pastors of CrossPoint Church located in Newport, RI. CrossPoint church is a multi-cultural, inter-denominational church that touches the lives of people from around the world. CrossPoint has members from various racial and cultural background including, white, black, Asian, Spanish speaking, and many others.



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