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Affirmations for Your Self by Antoinette Zachem

Affirmations for Your Self

by Antoinette Zachem

364 pages
Affirmations for your Self by Antoinette Zachem is 365 daily Spiritual readings on Self-healing negative issues and patterns.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
Affirmations for your Self offers 365 readings, one for each day of the year. To use this book, read one affirmation a day, and you will have a year of some new thought added to your life. It does not matter which day of the year you begin the book, just read one a day and create a little space, in this busy, complex and challenging world, to have and hold as your own.

This allotted time in each day is to know you are doing something for your Self as you continue to grow and change. The affirmations may seem somewhat redundant to the reader, but the activity of repeating the same message in different ways is necessary. It takes years for us to have our negative issues added to our psyches, and it often takes more than one attempt to resolve them and possibly remove them from our lives.

As you continue each day, there is also the phenomenon of synchronicity, which may very well enter into the relationship the reader has with the book. In other words, you may find that, immediately or eventually, the affirmation of the day begins to gain a "course of connection" into what is actually happening in your life at that time and what challenges you may be dealing with. What you then read may start to provide a miraculous type of healing insight into just what you need to hear at just the right time.

The book is about healing. Not healing just for healers who try to help people everyday with problems and illnesses, but healing our Self and our life as we try to make sense out of why we are here, being Spirit, born into a body and then one day, to leave our bodies as Spirit and go onward with the lessons we have learned here in this lifetime. If life is a schoolhouse for the Soul, then in our learnings, so must we also heal our past, present and future.



About the Author
ANTOINETTE ZACHEM is a Reiki Master-Teacher and massage therapist in her native state, Kentucky. She has been a student/facilitator of A COURSE IN MIRACLES, and has practiced and taught meditation for over 30 years. Training includes Srivananda Yoga Ashram in Grass Valley, California and the Atlanta Yoga Institute.



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