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ROADSONG: A Journey into Strange by Michael Francis John

ROADSONG: A Journey into Strange

by Michael Francis John

318 pages
The author opens a window through which the reader can follow the life of a young man during a twelve month period. From a troubled, brutal childhood, he finds solace through heroin and cocaine. He also finds God is a cat, and magic in the likeness of a beautiful woman.

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Category: Fiction:Spiritual
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About the Book
Em-Jay, wayward biker and dedicated romantic is the protagonist in this story. Raised in poverty, enduring a brutal English childhood, he finds temporary salvation by enlisting in the merchant marine. His early years are examined through a series of stories he recounts to his friend Annetta. Not everyone has a brightly lit, comfortable, or secure childhood and not every junky is unworthy of salvation. These vignettes reveal reasons for his use of narcotics and aberrant behavior.

Em-Jay enters into an explosive love affair with Annetta. During the period of mutual discovery, he finds a woman very different from the one he thought he knew. She hints at the existence of alternative realities far removed from the seductive pleasures he experienced with heroin and cocaine.

Annetta shows him a place just outside his garden fence, which presents unlimited and dangerous possibilities, contradicting his understanding of the known physical world.

Always well meaning, his decision to explore and document this area brings life-changing consequences when he is forced to confront his childhood demons. In doing so, he also brings into question his opiate addiction. After a confrontation with a supernatural entity, he realizes belatedly, nothing in his world is as it seems.


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About the Author
Michael John was born in England and raised on the city streets of East London. He left home at an early age and in his own words."Lived many lifetimes in many strange places in this world." Eventually, he settled in Los Angles County where he lives in the parched high desert hills country of Southern California. Lately, his traveling is confined to exploring the labyrinths of his unquiet imagination reaching deep into old memories for inspiration.



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