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Attunement: Mandala Coloring Book by Rebecca Bloom

Attunement: Mandala Coloring Book

by Rebecca Bloom

110 pages
Coloring sheets to help with the exploration of attachment styles.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
In Attunement, a Mandala Coloring Book, contains over 40 original images. These coloring sheets explore the types of connection, and disconnection we feel with our selves, others and the world around us. Perfect for using as art journaling in the therapy office or in groups. These coloring sheets were designed to explore attachment styles. By using the mandala as a frame, first a series with animals and then a series with abstract shapes, give the opportunity to reflect on how we feel about our relationships.

Rebecca brings almost 20 years of experience of making art with adults and children addressing PTSD, depression and anxiety. While studying with Pat Ogen's Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and becoming a Level 2 practioner, I became fascinated in the ways people struggle to connect. These images grow out of that experience.


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About the Author
Rebecca Bloom Rebecca is a licensed mental health counselor and a board certified art therapist working in private practice in Seattle. She see’s adults who are addressing complex trauma. She enjoys making mandalas, taking photographs and making over the top hand felted hats.



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