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Coloring Book Designs by Marjorie Barner

Coloring Book Designs

by Marjorie Barner

46 pages
Coloring Book Designs is for kids or adults to learn, create and enjoy a variety of designs. Coloring Book Designs is excitement for children to learn or just have a good time. Parents can use Coloring Book Designs for teaching, relaxation, creativity and well-being.

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Category: Art
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About the Book
Patterns for centuries have a long history in quilting. In quilting, patterns have always been used. Evolving from the simple squares, rectangles and triangles to curves and every multifaceted shape. Coloring Book Designs will surely open your eyes to some of the more simplistic designs and patterns that when colored is unique in each completion.

Quilts are not only used for bed cover and warmth but also adorn walls of museums and luxury homes, banks and corporations.

Traditional quilts designs are known as patterns. Coloring Book Designs introduces the creative individual to these basic shapes through color and patterns.

Coloring Book Designs has a range from easy one block to multi-block designs from traditional to modern.

Coloring Book Designs selected patterns for ease of coloring that makes this book great for all ages. Enjoy viewing Coloring Book Designs quilts pictured using color choices.



About the Author
Years of experience in quilting has led Marjorie Barner to designing a book for use by both adults and children. Coloring Book Designs, a tool in a visual coloring book display using different designs of patterns, squares, triangles, and rectangle shapes to create wonderful works of art, especially for quilts is to help develop creative minds while having fun.

Marjorie owned her quilt shop (Stitchit) for several years designing her original created copyright dancing lady’s patterns. She has spent years teaching classes, giving demos, talking about quilting to guilds, school projects, and other quilters, all with a passion to share her work with others. A passion to teach all interested in this great fiber art technique led to the Coloring Book Designs coloring book, a way to give young children and older adults an opportunity to learn and express their own creative ability while using quilt designs and coloring pencils.

Her motto is “I make all my quilts with love.” She believes, making quilts and sewing is therapeutic, exhilarating and relaxing.

Her quilt works, in both traditional style and contemporary has been acquired and exhibited by admirers throughout the US and other countries, published in the African American Quilt Circle of Durham, N.C. Southern Living Magazine and various newspapers and many community publications.

"Coloring book Designs" is her way of sharing her experience and works with those with creative interest in quilting and color, designed to be useful for all adults and young people.



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