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Live Learn Grow: Lessons of a Reluctant Tiger by Brannon Beliso

Live Learn Grow: Lessons of a Reluctant Tiger

by Brannon Beliso

156 pages
A heartfelt, power-packed guide to living your best life.

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About the Book
Heartfelt and blatantly honest, 'Live Learn Grow: Lessons of a Reluctant Tiger' portrays Brannonís struggles and victories, and the insights that moved him forward step-by-step. Growing up poor in San Francisco. Child Abuse. Foster care. Becoming a martial arts champion. His life as a rock star in the Philippines. And then, fed up with his decadent lifestyle, returning to San Francisco on a quest for clarity. 'Live Learn Grow' was born out of Brannonís deepest desire to help you live your best life.

Brannon had a tough childhood and knows firsthand what itís like to be a prisoner of negative thinking. Without pretension, he shares the simple insights that helped him overcome his greatest challenges. His strategies for living a life of purpose and service are powerful tools to start living your best life.

'Live Learn Grow' is an act of bravery, humility and love, in which Brannon pulls from his inner sanctum and tells his tales without inhibition. You wonít find a bit of armchair philosophy in this book. Brannon has gotten his hands dirty in experiencing life and its vicissitudes, which makes 'Live Learn Grow' ultimately valuable because it is real, every gritty step of the way.



About the Author
Brannon Beliso is dedicated to helping people live their best lives. An 8th degree black belt and a former recording artist with 3 top ten hits in the Philippines, Brannon is the owner of One Martial Arts and the creator of One Merit Badges, an internationally distributed life-skills education system.



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