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The Secret of Stonewood Cottage - Second Edition by Barbara T. Browning

The Secret of Stonewood Cottage - Second Edition

by Barbara T. Browning

198 pages
An American girl becomes embroiled in World War II after going to Paris to study painting for six months. She spends the five years of the war with a French family in the south of France and she could never have imagined the ways in which her life would change...

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
While touring the American South, the LaValle family from France met the Massey family, who lived near Mobile, Alabama. Both families had teenage daughters. Bea and Monique became fast friends when the LaValles accepted the Massey's offer to stay in their home. At the end of their visit, the LaValles encouraged the Masseys to visit them in Paris.

When Bea graduated from high school, she begged her parents to let her go to Paris to study painting. "I could stay with Monique and her family." Her parents agreed, and Bea was welcomed by Monique and her family when her plane landed in Paris.

Bea and Monique were shopping in Paris when they learned that the Germans had invaded France. The girls hurried home to tell Monique's family. Since the airport was closed to all air traffic, it was settled that Bea would stay with the LaValle family. Hurriedly, they packed as much as they could, and departed to the South of France where Jean Louis owned a cottage. There they would live out the War years and do all they could to thwart the Nazis...



About the Author
Barbara T. Browning Barbara T. Browning is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and is a published poet, writer and skilled illustrator. Her children's books appeal to children of all ages and youth who are learning about the world they live in and the animal world around us. Her stories teach gentle lessons about relationships, dangers and even death. In addition, she has written novels about the French Resistance during WWII, and a second novel about The Underground Railroad during the Civil War. Ms. Browning and her husband now reside in the lake city of Guntersville, Alabama.



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