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Gabriella's Law      Book 1 by Angelique

Gabriella's Law Book 1

by Angelique

388 pages
Right, wrong, witches, vampires, life or eternal existence, all choices?

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
If you had the ability to grant all the people you love their every desire, would you? Even if it meant you would have to give up your life? A choice you would have to make, but is it your choice? Life is about choices we make every day, so why is this choice so difficult? Is it a moral or ethical question? What if it wasn’t really your choice, but someone else’s, someone not of this world? How hard would you fight to keep it your choice and not his? Enter the world of the unknown with psychics, tarot cards, witches, potions, herbs with funny names, healers, vampires, spells, and magic
No one really knows how they would react to a situation unless they are actually confronted with the same set of circumstances. What if those circumstances were always changing and you realize your life has become a struggle for survival? You may think you know the answer but until you know all the circumstances you would be wrong, as morals and ethics involves your soul. Is control of your life real? or an illusion we create?

Consider this, if you will: Woman meets man, she becomes fascinated by him, he turns out to be a black witch and a vampire, but he has a soul, ethics and a moral code he lives by. Oh, and just to make things even more interesting he has a voice like Sam Elliott, is charming and a hunk!



About the Author
Angelique’s passion for writing began at age 11, when she won her first award, an essay about being Italian. She has written articles for magazines, a self-help book, and is currently the assistant editor of a magazine. Her style of writing is character driven, humorous and fast paced.



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