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PORTRAIT OF ELLIOTT: The Life of Elliott Thompson by Robin Berman Thompson

PORTRAIT OF ELLIOTT: The Life of Elliott Thompson

by Robin Berman Thompson

288 pages
Elliott Thompson's life story proves you can always reinvent yourself. Despite struggling with alcohol addiction and multiple failed marriages, Thompson embraced life with courage and optimism, relocating geographically and making career changes again and again during his 103 remarkable years...

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About the Book
The story of Elliott Thompsonís remarkable life proves that itís never too late to overcome obstacles and reinvent yourself. A rebellious teen, Thompson left school and joined the Navy during the Great Depression. After sailing the world, he began a lengthy government career, immersed in numbers and budgeting. Throughout the next three decades, he struggled with alcohol addiction and failed marriages. Along the way, he dreamed of becoming an artist and living in France.

Eventually, Thompson gave up the security of his government job to study painting. By the 1970s, he was a critically acclaimed artist, known for his abstract geometric paintings, and a professor of art in Washington, DC. When Thompson retired from teaching, he planned to spend his remaining years painting in the South of France. During a chance airport encounter in Paris, he met the woman who would become his fourth wife, despite a 38-year age difference, and changed the course of his life yet again.

Elliott Thompsonís story, told by his wife, is a delightful and inspiring tale of optimism and the courage to set off in new directions at any age.



About the Author
Robin Berman Thompson Robin Berman Thompson is a writer, artist and blogger currently living in northern Virginia. She spent four wonderful years living in the South of France with her late husband, Washington artist Elliott Thompson. In 2012, she retired from teaching English as Second Language to high school students in order to spend more time with Elliott, who was 38 years her senior. Although Elliott passed away in 2016 at the age of 103, he continues to serve as her role model. Robin is the mother of two adult children and the grandmother of one delightful grandchild.



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