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TURMOIL IN THE RENAISSANCE: A Historical Fiction of Ludovico Sforza-Duke of Milan by E. F. Palermo

TURMOIL IN THE RENAISSANCE: A Historical Fiction of Ludovico Sforza-Duke of Milan

by E. F. Palermo

320 pages
Ludovico Sforza and his Milan is recognized as a military power and cultural icon on the Italian peninsular during the late Renaissance. His attempt to replace his infant nephew as Duke at first fails, then later succeeds, leading to personal triumphs, failures and heartbreaks. Above it all, friendship prevails.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
It is the height of the Renaissance. The "princes" of the states which 400 years later will be united into the country of Italy are trying to maintain their independence from foreign intervention, including the Vatican. Culture in the form of painting, architecture, writing and philosophy is an aristocratic endeavor. In this era of cultural development, religious fervor and territorial aggrandizement, Ludovico Sforza's Milan is among the five dominant states on the Italian peninsular militarily and it is recognized as having one of its greatest cultural courts. Ludovico and his two fictional friends, Gianni and Giorgio, move through the era with all the faults and virtues of their contemporaries, advancing Milan’s economic well-being, protecting its borders, enjoying its festivals and solving a Vatican conspiracy. Along the way Leonardo da Vinci, Lorenzo de Medici, Pope Sixtus IV, Cesare Borgia and others make their appearance onto the scene. It is a story of friendship, culture, Vatican intrigue and religious debate until Ludovico’s tragic end.



About the Author
Emilio Palermo is a retired economist. He worked as an environmental consultant and in the insurance industry for 20 years. He is an oenophile and well-traveled tourist. His interest in Ludovico Sforza dates back to his introduction to him in Will and Ariel Durant’s “Story of Civilization.” He lives with his wife in Sarasota, Florida. This is his first novel.



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