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My XYZs of Excellence: 26 Days to Excellence in Business Leadership and Life by J A Epperson, MBA

My XYZs of Excellence: 26 Days to Excellence in Business Leadership and Life

by J A Epperson, MBA

256 pages
26 Days to Excellence In Business Leadership and Life.

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About the Book
This book is about building and becoming the type of leader your business needs to succeed and thrive in whatever business you've chosen to build. The 26 concepts are universal and when mastered will help you become successful in whatever business you own. Whether that business is a mechanic shop, a plumbing business or an international direct marketing company, if you learn these 26 concepts and develop leadership habits, you'll have a strong likelihood for success.

"My XYZs of Excellence" uses the last three letters of the alphabet in its title to quietly hint that your success requires all 26 letters. Some people, not you of course, begin reading self-help books with great intentions but stop before they get to the end. I encourage you to read through the entire alphabet of business success concepts in the book’s first section and then as you read the second section where the concepts are expanded, you’ll learn how to apply them into your own particular business.

In the second section, each of the 26 concepts will be reviewed within one of five business-building elements, fundamental to every type of successful small business. You’ll see how each concept is expounded upon within the context of one of five foundational elements: attitude, client, message, implement and grow. By placing the concepts within one of five basic business-building elements and actively engaging in and performing assigned training exercises within a "Learn it, Do it and Teach it" framework, you’ll internalize both the concepts and the essential elements.

Do you believe that you are teachable? Are you a business owner who believes it takes more to succeed than simply employing labor, capital, and resources? If you realize that your company must focus on leadership to succeed and you want to improve your own personal and professional leadership skills; this book will help you, lets get going.



About the Author
J A Epperson, MBA J Epperson earned both Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees as well as various professional licenses and certificates.

He has presented at national and regional conferences and has taught undergraduate courses in Management, Auditing and Finance.

Married to Kate, they now live where it's warm and sunny.



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