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Summer of the Bats by Stu Bloom

Summer of the Bats

by Stu Bloom

218 pages
A hilarious take on suburban living. Misery loves comedy!

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Category: Humor
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About the Book
Just plain funny!

Amid a record-setting, nerves grating, unrelenting heat wave, our former city folks discover that they’ve been sharing their house with a massive colony of bats. So begins a wry and hilarious recounting of their life in the suburban countryside where they face an endless parade of challenges, disasters and comic encounters as they try to cope with wild animals, heat waves, power outages, obstinate offspring, ski instructors, Little Leaguers, hail storms, and more. Life in the country sure is different than their staid, ordered life in the city, with an unceasing procession of trials and tradesmen, leaving behind a trail of mayhem, confusion, and a mile high stack of invoices. Cleverly, with wit and flat out belly laughs, Stu Bloom ushers us through the sea of troubles that is life in the country for our former city dwellers.

As an easy-reading beach companion, park friend, homeowner’s gift, or simply lighthearted escape from the everyday, Summer of the Bats is sure to deliver full-throated laughs and lots of smiles. Clearly, misery loves comedy.



About the Author
Stu Bloom breaks out of his own box and finds an outlet for his wry humor with the publication of Summer of the Bats. Among the many things Stu would like to do are play the guitar, speak Mandarin, and hang a picture at the right height on the first try.



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