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THE ORIGIN OF MYTH: Discover the Living Proof of Our Ancient Past - Vol. 1 by Victor Claar II

THE ORIGIN OF MYTH: Discover the Living Proof of Our Ancient Past - Vol. 1

by Victor Claar II

118 pages
Adam and Eve connect the environment in America to Asia.

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Category: History
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About the Book
The Origin of Myth is like The Chariots of the Gods or Fingerprints of the Gods and uses the discovery of the tree of knowledge to understand ancient history in an all new way.

Noah’s ark becomes an important part of human history, but has very little to do with the nonexistent world flood. Most people have heard of Noah’s ark, and the amazing animal cargo he was carrying, but few know where he came from before the alleged flood. The flood was his understanding of an amazing journey that occurred across the Pacific Ocean. Just like Christopher Columbus that claimed to have found the islands near Indonesia. Neither one could grasp that there were two worlds; an old and a new one, but Noah did record that the form of the land changed.

Discover the garden of Eden with the natural habitat of the tree of knowledge, and find the serpent in its branches. The Origin of myth also presents the habitat of the legendary Phoenix and Roman Birth Control, Silphium, as living proof to the home of the gods. The knowledge from the tree provides the key for unlocking the obscurities that are confusing us from understanding our true human history.

Find out about the Annunaki and other gods like the Olympians, what they have in common, and what place on earth they came from. Discover the actual intended use of the pyramid of Giza and the Bagdad battery. Learn how the gods that were depicted with bird heads, or had wings on their back, could fly like we do today! This alternative view of history can explain most of the current anomalous artifacts without using anything extraterrestrial, impossible, or supernatural.



About the Author
Victor Claar II Victor Claar II likes vintage Harley Davidsons and Dodge Chargers. He graduated from Blue River Valley Jr. Sr. High, and studied at Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana. Victor has always been intrigued by ancient people’s cultures. He was raised with a Christian background and recently discovered the Tree of Knowledge.



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