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Noah's Boys in the City of Mother Earth by Gregory Horning

Noah's Boys in the City of Mother Earth

by Gregory Horning

440 pages
Thrilling adventures in the Last Days of the Old World.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
How do you keep a positive outlook when the whole world is going off a cliff? In this recently discovered manuscript, an aged patriarch relates his thrilling adventures in the Last Days of the Old World, a tumultuous time of decline and impending catastrophe.

A budding young inventor, Japheth’s peaceful plans are shattered when calamities strike, and his life becomes filled with perplexing questions and a seemingly endless series of dangerous challenges. Bolstered by his solid upbringing at the feet of the patriarchs, a healthy sense of humor, and the support of his faithful brothers Shem and Ham, Japheth survives sudden disasters, resists seductive beauties, and narrowly escapes death from monstrous behemoths. When taken to the powerful but doomed City of Mother Earth, the brothers turn the deceitful propaganda of their captors against them, save a beautiful Adamite girl from savage Cainites, and chase assassins through the fabled Zoo.

Despite their successes, dangers mount, and the brothers must finally choose between embracing the illicit pleasures and values of an evil world system, and trusting the faith of their father. Join Noah’s boys as they live confidently, purposefully, and even have fun, despite the looming destruction of their wicked city.



About the Author
Gregory Horning Gregory Horning, D.D.S., is a clinical periodontist who has practiced in a wide variety of military clinics, and university clinics, as well as private practice. In addition to extensive teaching at every level in dentistry, he has directed two residency programs, lectured internationally, and published over 22 professional articles.



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