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King Jesus by Nathan Derenski

King Jesus

by Nathan Derenski

158 pages
Jesus is more than a spiritual consultant, He is King.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
Jesus is King. What would change in our lives if we became radically obedient to this truth? If we oriented the framework of our lives according to His Kingship?  Placing Him as King and not spiritual consultant, moves Him in His rightful position in our lives. Jesus is King, and this requires radical obedience to Him. As we transition our thoughts of Jesus from a spiritual consultant to the King we live for, we are able to re-orient our lives. This gives us clear direction and purpose under the assurance of our position in His Kingdom. It is then that we begin to live our lives in a manner worthy of our King.

We must recognize that the only way to chart our course through this life is to fix our eyes on not just the author of our faith, but the finisher of our faith. When we refuse to chart our path through life based on the current obstacles or circumstances, we become able to navigate the path that God has set out before us. It is then that we become free to start living our life in the manner our King desires. With our eyes fixed upon our unchanging point of reference; King Jesus.



About the Author
Nathan and his family are pastors at Radiant Church in Kansas City, Kansas.



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