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Notes from a Northwoods Novice by Renee W. Peek

Notes from a Northwoods Novice

by Renee W. Peek

376 pages
In the Northwoods with bears, chickens, ducks, two inept elders.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Have you ever wanted to leave the big city and build a home in the north woods? Author Renee Peek and her husband Allen have taken that leap, finding themselves up to their necks in adventure. Making this move later in life than most the physical aspect of these adventures involve a bit more grunting and groaning, and more often than not a humorous tale to tell.

Notes from a Northwoods Novice is a diary of their challenges. They jumped in with little or no knowledge, having to place the house, the well, and pole barn. What about the septic? How much wood do they need to heat a house when the winter temps can be forty degrees below zero? They discover the answer to these questions and many more they could never have imagined.

Their encounters with nature add a level of excitement to all their activities. Sharing their place with many different bears, daily chores become less tedious and more thrilling. Adding ducks and chickens gives the adventure a more humorous note. They must be always alert and ready for anything ma nature has in store, tornadoes, two-foot snow falls, five inch rains, even sixty below wind chills.

The Peeks are not immune to the communication challenges of any married couple, their issues are unfortunately magnified by the many building and construction projects they work together. But those same difficulties and disputes are ameliorated by the beauty and serenity of the place they have chosen to build their home. They are always brought back together, whether by the tears of loss, the joy of new life, or laughter at their own foibles. They invite you to share the trials and triumphs of life at Bear Run.


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About the Author
Renee W. Peek Renee W. Peek has worked as an executive chef in restaurants in Minnesota and California. She taught in a St. Paul, Minnesota vocational school for at-risk youth, teaching culinary arts, college prep, and work experience. She now is making a home in the north woods of Wisconsin.



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