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NO MATTER WHAT!! by Anonymous


by Anonymous

148 pages
Sobriety is the complete transformation of the mind, body and soul.

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Category: Self Help:Addiction
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About the Book
Sobriety does not begin and end with abstinence from drugs and alcohol, although doing so is very important. Itís much more than that. Becoming sober allows you to get in touch with who you really are, to make amends to those you have hurt in the past, to learn new ways to interact with people, and how to deal with everyday life. Itís a complete transformation of the mind, body, and soul.

Sobriety isnít for everyone. It takes commitment, honesty, faith, and working through a lot of pain. It requires facing yourself head on. It requires dedication and time, and not everyone is ready to give what is needed.

If you no longer enjoy the way drugs and alcohol are making you feel, sobriety is for you. Sobriety is not boring, it can be the first step to the rest of your life. This book takes you on a journey to a new level of sobriety---EMOTIONAL SOBRIETY. A life beyond your wildest dreams will expand to a new reality that is beyond the beyond.



About the Author
The author was educated at Jefferson Senior High School, Wiley N. Jackson Construction Company, Virginia Tech, and Columbia University. Economics and Math, Phi Beta Kappa, Chartered Financial Analyst, 7 licenses from the NASD and NYSE. Lived in Richmond, Nashville, Washington, DC, Arlington, VA, and Miami, FLA. Understanding others is important.



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