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Does 6 x 9 = Happiness? by Tim Pleacher

Does 6 x 9 = Happiness?

by Tim Pleacher

98 pages
The meaning of Life finally revealed? Well, almost!

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About the Book
Does 6 X 9 = Happiness? Is a collection of short stories that are based on actual events connecting the author, and the reader, to family and friends. The stories, and accompanying narratives, take a lighthearted look at how we all traverse lifeís journey. The narratives have a Christian based theme. Through humor, and a bit of satire, the stories explore how we strive to find Godís direction for our lives. As found in any good story a bit of obvious embellishment has been added to enhance the fun as the pages get turned. Expect a laugh or two as the story is told of a fishing trip gone terribly astray, that in the end required a rescue by an entire town. There is a touching account of a courageous lady who struggled, and prevailed, against the rarest of diseases. Also Included is the chronicle of some World War II Heroics. There is also a tale of a fateful trip. Not to Gilliganís Island, but a zany trip to the Caribbean. Do the stories really reveal the meaning of life? They certainly try; but in the end they are just lofty yarns best spun to friends around the campfire.



About the Author
Tim Pleacher Tim Pleacher is a first time author who takes a lighthearted look at personal growth by sharing short stories and narratives in his book, "Does 6 X 9 = Happiness. Tim is retired from the PA Department of Corrections after 25 years of service. He resides in DuBois PA.



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