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Heroic Age by Richard Chetwynd

Heroic Age

by Richard Chetwynd

94 pages
A sequence of prose poems about war, survival, and family.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
In a sequence of 66 prosepoems, Heroic Age moves from the heroic to the absurd, the historical to the hysterical, and back again. A mini-epic that offers a kaleidoscopic tour of 20th century history and its impact on those who survived it through a poetic rendering of rumor, facts, stories, legends, and fables. Only a single name appears in the whole text, and that person, a widower, is an innocent bystander. Otherwise, pronouns proliferate as impersonal identifiers of the individuals among the figures of the Father, Mother, and Daughter, and as a way of exploring the trauma and spirit of survival in a constant battle for the soul of the individual. It begins with a funeral and ends with a marriage, but decidedly unlike any funeral or wedding you might have attended. In between, goats, chickens, and soldiers appear, and, most importantly, history, which insists on having its say, throwing up the same memes and truths, the same ideas that remain unfit for a humane life. These poems create their own world, a surrealistic reflection of confrontations with history as a force of nature, an homage to the people with the power to resist and an elegy to the those who succumbed.


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About the Author
Richard Chetwynd was born in Boston and attended Boston Public Schools. After graduating from Emerson College, he earned his MFA at the University of Iowa’s Writer’s Workshop. As a Fulbright scholar to Poland, he conducted interviews with Polish poets, translated their work, and taught American literature, culture and writing at Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. He’s the author of three chapbooks, No Emergency Plan, Watering Hell, Udopia, and has published poems in leading magazines and journals around the world. Outside of academia, he’s worked with various Polish municipalities as both a writer and editor to improve the quality of their publications in English, as well as continuing to translate literary works. He has also authored proposals for public monuments for Poland’s most distinguished contemporary public sculptor. He currently lives on a farm with his wife and son; working on his own poetry and prose, and taking a hands-on approach to his son’s education.



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