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My Call of the Wild and Magic of the Midnight Sun by Stephen Dickey

My Call of the Wild and Magic of the Midnight Sun

by Stephen Dickey

228 pages
A collection of true events and experiences through the years.

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Category: Travel
About the Book
This is a collection of true experiences, events, and adventures, and is not intended as an autobiography. It details events from what I remember as a boy with family, and continues as I grew up, all the time developing my love for the outdoors, the world around me, and adventures. As I grew up, my father was active in our excursions and passed the spirit of adventure to my brother and me. As a military family, we moved often, and we enjoyed an active life with lots of adventures and travels, and running free in the great outdoors. This book details such travels and experiences growing up, and later through life. All events described are true and continue further to years of travel and adventure as a soldier in the U.S. Army, enjoying challenges as a Ranger and in Special Forces. As I enjoyed these experiences as a young man, I felt my call of the wild.

With my wife and sons, we continued to feel the thrills and fun. The excursions and adventures brought with it satisfaction and peace. Ultimately, that feeling of success and the physical challenge all contribute to what I call My Call of the Wild.



About the Author
Stephen Dickey is a Disabled Veteran. Growing up, he was otherwise tagged as an Air Force Brat. After joining the Army, he continued with travels and adventures.He is now on his own with family spread all through the country. Again, he looks across many miles to unite with family.



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