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The Power of the Spoken Blessing: Whispers from the Father's Heart by Sylvia Villalpando

The Power of the Spoken Blessing: Whispers from the Father's Heart

by Sylvia Villalpando

122 pages
The Spoken Blessing is life-giving and has creative power.

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About the Book
Words have power in matters of life and death. The spoken blessing is a life-giving source of hope from one who has it, to one who doesnít. the most qualified people to bless and encourage are those who themselves have been encouraged by God.

The Lordís mercies are new every morning and each day we have a choice. We can use our words to criticize or what is or use them to build what might be! In blessing, we have the choice to focus on the positive, not on the negative. When we give a blessing to someone they receive value, acceptance, hope and the treasure of the gift of blessing which can turn into a life-changing moment. The spoken blessing allows you to see the goodness in everyone, which makes weaknesses seem small and making otherís joy your own, then wanting to help lessen the load and soften the sorrows of others.

This book is about learning to be aware that the spoken blessing has an immediate effect but also a long-lasting support in that personís future and it only costs a little of your time and you benefit as well. Blessing someone doesnít have to be a certain prescribe set of words, although it is a good starting place. Being a blessing comes in our relationships with others in our actions of kindness, our actions of compassion, our actions of faithfulness, and our actions of joy, with those around us.

Being a blessing is designed to be a vehicle for the Spirit of God to change every environment you walk into. You never can tell what type of influence you may make on anotherís life by your actions or lack of action. Consider this fact in your journey thru life.

The whisper of the Fatherís heart is to embrace people with the Fatherís love. When you speak blessings on those who need a blessing, the Fatherís love flows from His heart through you to them. The spoken blessing has a way of bringing joy and create belonging in a community where one is accepted, noticed and valued. Our words have great influence in the lives of those around us, and spoken blessings can bring hope, encouragement, and direction to our families, friends, and others. Many people are experiencing deepening relationships and spiritual encouragement as they discover the power of spoken blessings.

It is one thing to be convinced that blessing is powerful, and quite another to know how to put it into practice. In this readable and practical book, Ms. Villalpando observes the heart of the Father through blessing in self-giving, genuine love, and shows how you can easily offer healing and life to those around you; including to your family, friends, neighbors and even strangers. Ms. Villalpandoís hope is that this book would help you begin to be a blessing to others in practical ways and to stir your creative juices to find ways of your own to bless others.



About the Author
Sylvia Villalpando Ms. Sylvia Villalpando is a freelance writer based in San Antonio. Has contributed to Poetic Anthology books for the San Antonio Poets Association and various literary publications.

Sylviaís heart is for blessing those who need healing through prayer and to experience the Love of the Father and His mercy.



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