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Hanging Out with Wild Animals II by Cheryl Batavia

Hanging Out with Wild Animals II

by Cheryl Batavia

24 pages
Engaging Poems and Photographs of Florida Animals

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
All of the poems in the Hanging Out with Wild Animals books are inspired by the author's real-life experiences with Florida wildlife. All these wonderful animals, and many more, live in Florida.

Wherever you live, a lot of interesting animals live near you. There is a whole world to explore: beaches, mountains, zoos, parks, and your own back yard. So get out there and meet some animals for yourself! Have a wonderful time exploring the world around you, and enjoy observing wild animals wherever you go. Take a camera along to record and share your adventures.

Enjoy the animal poems and photographs in the Hanging Out with Wild Animals books. If you are curious about the animals in the books or the animals you meet in your adventures, go online to learn more about them. You may be surprised to learn that some of the animals living near you are endangered. You can find out about ways to protect animals and their habitats.

Always observe animals safely. "Hanging Out Safely with Wild Animals," on the last page of the book, gives some useful safety information.

Have Fun!


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About the Author
Cheryl Batavia Cheryl Batavia is a retired teacher living on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Observing animals is an activity she has enjoyed all of her life. She grew up exploring the farm country of Pennsylvania and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Miami Beach are some of the places she has called home.



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