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The Monitor by Elizabeth Calder

The Monitor

by Elizabeth Calder

404 pages
What if a conversation accidentally overheard became your worst nightmare?

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
A young woman parts company with friends, continuing down a park path alone, not a care in the world. From a lofty vantage point, a man watches her progress. His intentions are anything but benevolent for if the contract is confirmed, his job will be to make her disappear...permanently. His presence there is simply a dry run. To commit an unsolvable crime requires intense preparation and planning prior to its execution.

Twenty four hours later, the meeting takes place on a secluded park bench in a common area of an ordinary neighborhood - just two men having a private conversation acutely aware of their surroundings to ensure no one is within earshot of their dialogue. one is.

One the second floor of the house, directly behind them, a bedroom window has been left open, allowing a spring breeze to flow in. It's a nursery and Sara had recently put her daughter down for a nap. She has placed the baby monitor on the chest of drawers near the crib, next to the window enabling her to hear every sigh, sound or spoken words within a surprising range. As the only witness, Sara must sift through a handful of clues to prevent an innocent woman from becoming a blip on a police blotter.



About the Author
Elizabeth Calder Elizabeth Calder grew up in the Midwest before beginning a career that involved extensive travel in Canada and the northeastern part of the US. She met her husband in New York. They now reside in central Florida along with their young son and a nifty collection of rescue pets. She is busy working on her next mystery novel.



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