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by Kent D. Walsh

148 pages
Adventurous struggle to live, love and survive in the 1800's.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
In Legend of Beards Hollow, John and Mark Robinson discover an old book written by their great ancestor, William Robinson, over 150 years ago.

It tells how, as a young sea-faring man, William was captured by pirates, tortured and turned into a slave. After a battle between pirate ships, he escapes into the sea, drifting for many days with little food or water before being rescued by Edward N. Beard, captain of the merchant ship, Vandalia. After a tragic shipwreck on the mighty Columbia River bar, William, the only survivor, washes ashore in what is now called Beards Hollow. Soon thereafter he meets and marries the love of his life, Elizabeth. Sadly, after only a few years of sharing a wonderful life together she unexpectedly dies, leaving him heartbroken and angry. In deep despair and in extreme financial difficulty he finds the buried pirate treasure he has so desperately been searching for. Then, with a gun pointed to his head, he is forced to kill his greatest nemesis, a vicious and evil pirate named Burton Klug. For safekeeping, William reburies his newly discovered fortune, planning to retrieve it at a later date. Knowing the treasure of Beards Hollow will have to wait just a few more days he has but one wish, if only Elizabeth could be there with him.

After reading the book, the two brothers find two gold coins inside the box they discovered William’s journal in. Now realizing the story of buried treasure is true, they began to wonder—what happened to the treasure? Did William Robinson ever retrieve it, or could it still be buried in the whispering sands of a large cove, a place filled with secrets, called Beards Hollow?



About the Author
Kent D. Walsh Kent D. Walsh is a retired real estate broker living in Seaview, Washington with his loving wife Madeline. He has been writing for many years and has seven published books.

His recent publication, Lofton: Journal of an American Woman was an Indie Book Awards finalist.



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