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The Unlikely Ballerina: A Daring Adventure with Cerebral Palsy by Denise Lance

The Unlikely Ballerina: A Daring Adventure with Cerebral Palsy

by Denise Lance

198 pages
A true account of growing up with Cerebral Palsy.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Denise Lance’s parents were told that their daughter would never walk, never talk, never write her name. Calvin and Jean Lance never believed their bright-eyed little girl had severe cognitive disabilities, though her physical and speech impairments from cerebral palsy were obvious. They enabled Denise to live a typical, happy childhood, learning and playing alongside her peers without disabilities.

Not only did Denise walk, she danced in the school talent show. Not only did she talk, she spoke to her entire elementary school and was elected to student council. Not only did she write her name, she wrote a column in the high school paper.

Her world expanded to new heights when she got a computer. Thoughts passed from her mind, down to her big toes, to the computer keyboard, and onto the computer screen. Her intellect no longer limited by the confines of physical limitations.

This is a story of unprecedented parental devotion, creativity, and gut-following. It is a story of dedicated teachers and genuine friends who looked beyond cerebral palsy and saw a witty, smart, passionate soul that deserved to soar. This is Denise’s funny, tearful, true account of living a typical life through unconventional means.



About the Author
Denise Lance Denise Lance was one of the first students with severe disabilities to be educated in an inclusive environment alongside her peers without disabilities. A retired disability researcher, she now focuses on writing and artistic endeavors, including folding origami with her feet. She has been an assistive technology consultant, research associate, online instructor in special education and English, and a freelance writer. She holds a B.A. In English and psychology from William Jewel College; a masters and Ph,D. In special education from the University of Kansas; and an M.A. In English from National University.



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