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Grace in the Water by Liz A. Darnell

Grace in the Water

by Liz A. Darnell

290 pages
Destiny's collide in the water and bring God's Glorious Grace.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
An inspiring story that shows heavenly connections, Liz shares that with God we can face any trial life may bring when we learn to conquer fear. With a desire to guide others, she shares examples of life lessons and prayerfully helps readers reach a new level of strength through Faith in Christ. Liz shares a new confidence and self worth that's discovered through God's helping hand. Inspiring hope through paving a new way, we can learn to trust the Father above with all things. With all of life's glorious plans unraveling, she shares stories from her journey and a tiny portion of all that is available with the assistance of God's Grace.

Starting with an experience that occurred at the ocean, life was about to lead to an anointed connection with a little girl as Liz was sitting in the water. That fateful day inspired the writer to pick up her pen almost twenty years later. She was about to find life moving to a less convenient place that seemed to hold unfavorable finances and a ticket to nothing but the unknown.

Divine destiny was about to show Liz. Even when we try to steer our own desired direction, it can't always get us out of our God chosen path. Two precious souls were about to collide and it was going to lead to a labor of love that would take precedence over any other work in her entire life.



About the Author
Liz Darnell is a Christian (God always comes first), wife, mother, Realtor, writer, dreamer, lover of nature, animals and beauty. A mother filled with gratitude, blessed with the opportunity to serve her bloodline. Renewed and restored, a glorious victor residing under a royal blood line granted from her Father above.



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