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by T.R. Cordón

108 pages
The Path to Realization is a Love Story.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
In this book the author's Spiritual Path becomes a heart-wrenching eternal Story of Love, for Love is all that glues creation together and Love is all that has ever truly mattered. This is a true story in which the Spiritual Path become a tale of sheer survival, a necessity as primal as breathing for the drowning man. A Path that takes us across millennia through and beyond agony and Joy towards the discovery of who we truly are and always were.



About the Author
Born in Madrid, Spain, T.R. Cordón's personal Path took him to the western United States, India and Africa before settling in New York. He claims to be nobody at all, no guide, no Guru. His life is devoted to Her who creates, sustains and destroys creation, She who is the Power of Life expressing Herself through every thing that exits. His Path is a heart-wrenching and eternal Love Story, through agony and Joy, all the way to the realization of the Truth that is, here and now, and always was.



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