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WHERE DOES THE TROMBONE GO? The Sex Ed Questions You Won't Believe Kids Ask (and answered by their teachers) by Jim Seaman and Vivienne Vitalich

WHERE DOES THE TROMBONE GO? The Sex Ed Questions You Won't Believe Kids Ask (and answered by their teachers)

by Jim Seaman and Vivienne Vitalich

382 pages
335 sex questions asked by 4th, 5th and 6th graders.

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Category: Education
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About the Book
This book is a collection of 335 questions about sex and related topics written by 4th, 5th and 6th grade students over many years. The questions were dropped into a slotted box to preserve the student's anonymity. These questions are presented in the student's own imperfect handwriting, inaccurate spelling and interesting grammar.

While most parents make a valiant effort in presenting the
"birds and the bees" talk to their kids, they often fall short on the accuracy of their answers or are too embarrassed to answer at all.

Some of the questions are thoughtful and mature such as: When they have sex do they ask each other who is going to start it? Or, does the sperm know where to go inside the girl to find its way to the fallopian tube? Or can a boy have menopause?

Others can be a little "far out" and funny such as: If someone had a penis and a vagina, could they have sex with themselves? Or, can ghosts have sex?

Other questions could only come from the curious and unpredictable minds of pre-teens such as: If someone farts when they are having sex what happens? Or, what if the boy and girl are having sex and the boy pees in the girls vagina?

Other questions are not typical, but I am glad when they are asked as it gives me the opportunity to provide more in-depth answers to these questions such as: If your husband rapes you is it okay? Or, what if a man doesn't want to wear a condom?

Just because teachers are adults, it doesn't mean we have all the answers. Some questions require additional knowledge in order to provide accurate information to the students. Questions like: Can girls have wet dreams or how many eggs do women make or why don't churches like gay people are examples of questions that I told my class I would need to do some research and I would have the answers the next day.

The material is presented in 8 chapters: 1.) What is Puberty? 2.) Boy Issues 3.) Girl Issues 4.) What is Sex? 5.) Birth Control 6.) Pregnancy, Birth and Babies
7.) What If You're Gay? 8.) Everything Else

Since the questions come directly from the students, we believe this book more fully addresses the curious concerns
of these age groups. Consequently, parents will be more prepared when those challenging questions pop up.



About the Author
Jim Seaman and Vivienne Vitalich Jim Seaman is a retired 5th and 6th grade teacher who elevated his students learning by bringing fun, humor and challenging lessons into the classroom. Vivienne Vitalich was a classroom teacher for over 10 years before becoming a school librarian.



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