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Just Slow Down!  Pursuing a Miracle by M. L. Bushong

Just Slow Down! Pursuing a Miracle

by M. L. Bushong

132 pages
How a heart far from God found a miracle.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
Do you ever ask yourself how bad can it get? Well, as it turns out, it can get pretty bad. After months of struggle with an injury that just would not get better, the author was hospitalized near death. The culprit, an often deadly infection called sepsis, that is becoming more common.

She eventually recovered, but it cost her a leg. Through it all, though, as she worked to regain her life, she found that God was still there. He wasn't just there, He became her best friend, after years if a lukewarm relationship

A month after the surgery, He planted the idea that there was a miracle in store for her and she set out to find it. What seemed like a straight forward journey, turned out to have far more twists and turns than she expected, but God was always there teaching and guiding her. He was constantly faithful to His promise that He would always be there and never let her go.



About the Author
M.L. is a Christian, wife, mother, and freelance writer. Her interests are wide ranging, but include gardening, nutrition, general health issues and her animals. Through her most recent experiences, she has become much more aware of God's love and desire to heal broken people.



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