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TheThing.WithFeathers by Jennifer Fowler


by Jennifer Fowler

232 pages
In her dystopian society, Amala’s skills put her at risk.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi:Post-Apocalyptic
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About the Book
They are watching. It has been this way all of Amala’s life, but as she learns to break into the codes that oversee her world, she gets glimpses of what life was like before They came into power. The more she learns, the more questions arise. Why are there only two inhabited quarters left in the city? Where did They send her father? And what is behind the Endless War?

A forbidden encounter with an old woman from the Southern Quarter will help her realize that it is not the things happening around her that matter most. Can she awaken her own humanity and uncover the emotions that have been stifled by her authoritarian society? Or will learning to love put her more at the mercy of those in control?



About the Author
Jennifer Fowler has written Seeds of the Heart and Christmas Guest and is co-author of the Timekeepers series, which includes Pieces of the Puzzle and Race to the Portal. She lives with her husband and youngest children on a small farm.



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