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What Your Bank Doesn't Want You to Know...About Where to Invest Your Money by Lillian Villanova

What Your Bank Doesn't Want You to Know...About Where to Invest Your Money

by Lillian Villanova

136 pages
Tax Liens and Deeds provide low-risk high yield investment opportunities

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Category: Business:Personal Finance and Investing
About the Book

Recent economic events have caused us all to rethink our investment portfolios and how and where we invest. This groundbreaking book will change forever how you think about investing.

It's time to step out of the box and shift your paradigm. It's time to put everything you know about a high rate of return being equal to high risk to the side. What you are about to read could turn the way you think about investing upside down. Are you open-minded to new ways of thinking? Are you ready to step out of the box?

Ever think about how banks and insurance companies invest their money? Ever think about how much money they make on your savings or insurance premiums? We all know that basically, they invest that money so as to earn more than they are paying you. What most people don't know is that, for decades, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions have been making Tax Defaulted Paper part of their investment portfolios.

What is Tax Defaulted Paper? It can be defined as real estate related tax liens or tax deeds that are created by counties across the United States as the result of non-payment of real estate taxes. Local government needs that money to run the business of government so they sell either a lien on the real estate (at much higher than bank or money market interest rates) or the real estate itself, to collect the back taxes.

Banks and other institutional investors enjoy high yield returns on their money, often using the capital provided by the small investor. In exchange for the use of that capital, they pay interest rates that are a fraction of their own return.

So, why haven't you heard about Tax Defaulted paper? What kind of yields has it been providing? How can you "cut out the middleman" so to speak and obtain those high rates for yourself? This book is designed to help you do just that by giving you the tools and the inside information that banks and institutional investors have had for decades. By the time you finish this book, you will have the information and the guidance you need to succeed. It contains specific information about how anyone can succeed buying Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds starting part-time from home, even with little or no operating capital.

It has been said that in life timing is everything. As you look around at the precarious state of the economy, the roller coaster stock market, and the low rate of return on investments coupled with the still high cost of borrowing, you should realize that when it comes to the Tax Lien and Deed industry, THE TIME IS NOW.



About the Author
As a busy entrepreneur, writer and CEO of her own investment and Consulting company, Ms. Villanova now specializes in the area of Real Estate related investment. She consults for a number of Private Placement Investment Funds and works with investors and Entrepreneurs all over the country.



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