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I Can't See the Forest With All These Damn Trees In the Way - The Health Consequences of Alcohol Use by Scott Stevens

I Can't See the Forest With All These Damn Trees In the Way - The Health Consequences of Alcohol Use

by Scott Stevens

66 pages
Think drinking alcohol is safe in moderation? Science says otherwise.

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Category: Health
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About the Book
What causes problems, is one. Reveal the health consequences of America's most beloved drug – even when used in moderation. The $250 billion annual alcohol pandemic dwarfs all other drug “epidemics” combined. It's a drug we romanticize with wishful thinking about safe use and health benefits: Science and medicine say otherwise.

The United States Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health in 2016 set the table for a buffet of award-winning author, Scott Stevens', research into the health consequences of the world’s most abused, costliest, and deadliest drug: Alcohol. The journalist tears into alcohol mythology and wishful thinking about alcohol’s health ‘benefit.’ “This is a toxin and known carcinogen the body doesn’t favor much. It’s time to redirect the dialogue about alcohol use in the same fashion the nation redirected its view on tobacco use.” I Can’t See The Forest With All These Damn Trees In The Way directly connects the overburdened healthcare delivery system’s shortcomings to the failure to take an honest look at what alcohol does TO you rather than what it does FOR you.


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About the Author
Scott Stevens Stevens is an award-winning journalist covering alcohol issues. A founding influencer at the world's largest medical portal, HealthTap, Stevens blends wit, journalistic objectivity, blunt dialogue, and business perspective in his four books. He holds an MA in Public Affairs Journalism and is Editor in Chief for Addicted Minds & Associates.



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