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The Journey to Dreamtime by Chris Coope

The Journey to Dreamtime

by Chris Coope

218 pages
Light hearted, fictional, educational adventure story with a magic globe.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Sophie and Dylan are taking their pet dog, Monty, for his morning walk before they set off to school. As they walk down the lane, past the village meeting room (a converted windmill), they see a hot air balloon in the adjacent field.

Unbeknownst to them and the Professor, the balloon's owner, they are being influenced by a mysterious magic Globe...

High adventure ensues and before they know it, the Professor, the children, and their pet owl (Naomi) and Monty, the dog, are visiting lands they've only read about in history books.

Oh, the amazing things they'll see and learn! Come along and enjoy the ride!

It's an experience you'll never forget.



About the Author
Born in Great Britain, Chris Dyson-Coope followed his training and passion in the field of horticulture for decades.
Recently, Dyson-Coope has nurtured his interest as an educational innovator to produce a series of fictional children's books that explore non-fictional themes such as sustainable agriculture, geography, and history.



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