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Of Cowards and True Men by Rob Miech

Of Cowards and True Men

by Rob Miech

450 pages
The life of longtime boxing trainer Kenny Adams.

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Category: Sports
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About the Book
Before he was a year old, Kenny Adams began fighting for his life. So gravitating toward boxing became as natural as breathing.

A military life became his destiny. It included tours in Vietnam with the Army, and he established an esprit de corps at a base in Texas that would transform it into the elite boxing outfit of all military units in the nation.

How he went about that task, from the ground up, is what drove Adams, what shaped him into an arduous task master, and what produced impressive results.

It earned him assistant coach status on the 1984 U.S. Olympic team, and the top job in 1988, where the boxing competition in Seoul, South Korea, became one of the most controversial in any Olympiad.

True to his nature, there was Kenny Adams, in the eye of that hurricane.

He capped his 30-year amateur run with a sprint to Las Vegas, to begin his professional training career. Many bristled at his demands. Many didn't stay long under his tutelage. Many prospered. In total, 26 of his underlings became world champions.

No trainer can match what Kenny Adams has accomplished in both the amateur and professional ranks. And he's still going. With an irascible nature and sharp tongue, his methods can be harsh for many who prefer to be coddled. Adams had told all of them where they can go.

This is not a biography for nuns, choir boys, or Girl Scouts. Adams didn't hold anything back in detailing the events of his life, and that life in the squared circle. It's vulgar, raw, crude, and rude between the ropes, and between these covers. There. You've been warned.


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About the Author
Rob Miech has been a sportswriter for 30 years, and his work has appeared in The Washington Post, Pasadena Star-News, CBS SportLine, Los Angeles Times (San Diego Section) and other publications. This is his third book.



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