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A Summer Haunting by Rebecca Guerrero and Tiffany Guerrero

A Summer Haunting

by Rebecca Guerrero and Tiffany Guerrero

208 pages
A fictional account of one woman's battle for her soul.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
Itís been over one hundred years since a young, single woman lost her life in a locked spa in a popular hotel in Southern California. Facts about her death were left unsolved. Currently, only two facts are known: at the time of her death, she was pregnant, and a signed ledger proves she entered the hotel alone.

After all this time, she still walks the halls of the hotel. Travelers who stay in the hotel have heard the rumor of a ghost who haunts the hotel, but no harm has ever come to any of them. However, this is about to change.

Incidentally, a woman, in an attempt to reconcile with her husband after a two-year separation, moves into the hotelís bungalows where she can reunite with her husband and still spend the summer with her teen-aged daughter. The daughter, however, brings her unfaithful boyfriend along.

Conflicts are about to crescendo. The woman soon discovers that plans will often not work out when confronted by the will of another. She also discovers her own self-worth through the way her sanity is put to the test and the way she is forced to carry out her own battles.



About the Author
Rebecca Guerrero and Tiffany Guerrero Rebecca Guerrero has a BA and MA in English from CSULB. She has been teaching various writing and literature classes for 26 years. Rebecca resides in San Diego with her husband.

Tiffany Guerrero earned her Bachelors at UCSD in Jazz Vocal Performance and an MA in Latin/Cuban Music at CSULA.



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