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Passion, Connection, & Affection: Poems about Love & Relationships by Cheryl Batavia

Passion, Connection, & Affection: Poems about Love & Relationships

by Cheryl Batavia

48 pages
Poems that explore fulfilling relationships from the author's life.

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Category: Poetry
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About the Book
This is a collection of poems about the joys of being alive and being in love. A lifetime of experiences and a celebration of the uniqueness of every person are reflected in the poems, telling the author's story authentically and honestly, but in good taste.

Men have always been a source of fascination and inspiration for the author. Passion, Connection, & Affection: Poems about Love & Relationships, was inspired by the men she has known and loved. The first chapter is "Youthful Adventures." The remaining four chapters are inspired by individual men.

The author was married to her first husband, the "Adventurous Young Man from Virginia," for eighteen years before an amicable divorce. Her second husband, "Light of My Life," died after eighteen years together. She didn't date for the next twelve years, until after her children had grown up. Then she began dating online and met "Lover," with whom she had a brief, but memorable relationship. Soon after, at age sixty-five, she met her significant other, "Man of My Dreams," online. They have an astounding amount in common and have been together for two very happy years. These relationships are described in greater detail in the preface of the book.

Although the author has experienced divorce and death of a spouse, as well as the everyday conflicts and challenges found in every relationship, this book is about the good times. Both men and women will find something familiar in the relationships explored in the poems, something that makes them say, "Yes, I've been there!"


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About the Author
Cheryl Batavia Cheryl Batavia is a retired schoolteacher living with her significant other on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She enjoys the beach, observing wildlife, and walking under the stars. Poems in the book, based on a life rich in experience, are inspired by the men she has loved.



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