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Rock Docs: A Fifty-Year Cinematic Journey, 1964-2014 by Rick Ouellette

Rock Docs: A Fifty-Year Cinematic Journey, 1964-2014

by Rick Ouellette

224 pages
The first-ever anthology of rock music documentaries

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About the Book
The T.A.M.I. Show. Donít Look Back. Monterey Pop. Woodstock. Gimme Shelter. Let it Be. The Last Waltz. The Kids Are Alright. Stop Making Sense. Standing in the Shadows of Motown.

The Filth and the Fury. Searching for Sugar Man. Twenty Feet From Stardom.

Over the last half century, music documentaries like these have provided us with a priceless moving-image history of rock Ďní roll. Rock Docs: A Fifty-Year Cinematic Journey is a first-of-its-kind anthology of the rockumentary genre, viewing pop musicís timeline through the prism of non-fiction film. Since its earliest days, the look of rock Ďní roll has been integral to its overall appeal. Up and down the hallways of pop history there is always something interesting to see as well as to hear. This book reviews over 150 films, starting with a ground level look at the Beatlesí world-changing first visit to America and coming full circle fifty years later with Good Olí Freda, where the Fab Fourís secretary looks back through the years as both a fan and an insider. In between, readers will find many films to re-experience or discover for the first time.


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About the Author
Rick Ouellette Rick Ouellette has been writing about film, music and popular culture for over 25 years, in print and on his Reel and Rock blog site. His first book, Documentary 101: A Viewerís Guide to Non-Fiction Film, was published in 2013.



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