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When He First Saw Me by Scott Hintz

When He First Saw Me

by Scott Hintz

190 pages
Be careful looking into the dark, things may look back.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
For most of his life, a psychic investigator survived straddling the line between the living and the dead. Though tormented by the horror that can befall others, he remained safe seeing things unfold like images on a screen. Then a unique vision entangled him in someone else's life and he finds himself a reluctant participant in events. As he falls deeper into a deadly game of predator and prey, he unravels a case unlike any he has encountered before and learns the true cost of his gift. If you look into the dark too long, things in the dark look back.


1. There were lots of things I really liked about this book, “When He First Saw Me” by Scott Hintz, but I think the one thing that I enjoyed the most was that there are mysteries and oddities about the narrator’s world and storyline that are revealed slowly, but didn't give me the feeling that the author was hiding the ball just to stretch out the suspense. It's a book that made my brain work a little to follow all of the threads and layers, rather than making me want to skim ahead just to get to the end, which happens more often than not with me and other suspense/thrillers. I really liked the psychic angle a lot, however, at times felt there was a lack of a main focus and the story seemed to be going in so many directions I found myself yearning for more focused narrative with less wordiness… it feels very literary and almost ‘surreal’ for a thriller/suspense which is cool, but at times the pacing was a bit slow and it lacked tension because of it. Have mixed feelings over the amount of narrative/dialogue ratio (I feel there should have been more dialogue ‘showing’ and less narrative ‘telling’) But the writing IS really good, haunting almost, and overall I thought it was a really intriguing read, with enough depth and detail to really suck me into this story and keep me there. This appears to be a standalone novel (not a part of any series), but I hope to read more from Scott Hintz in the future! Recommend for fans of literary/suspense. (4 stars)
- Darla Ortiz—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
2. Okay this book “When He First Saw Me” by Scott Hintz ended up being so much better (and original-feeling) than I anticipated it would be! (no offense to the author). Loved the literary vibe and Hintz’s almost ‘stream-of consciousness’ writing style… it is downright creepy and at times quite disturbing. So if you are into that (which I totally am!) then this is the book for you! I will say that it did take me some time to get into it… although it starts off with an interesting inciting incident, it slows afterwards as the author worked more on the characters and the situations, rather than the drama… but then it starts to build at a slow simmer, leading to a full-on boil that is quite exciting. The way he uses language to create emotion and describe the interactions with living and dead is impressive, and the characters are believable and well developed with several interesting transitions. I did like the overall pace and storyline, however I thought the ending felt strangely abrupt – would have preferred more of an anti-climax there. But this was unlike anything I’d ever read so I give Hintz props for finding a cool niche in the thriller/suspense genre. Felt fresh, not like something I’ve read a million times, and definitely not predictable-- I had goosebumps throughout. Addicting reading and I look forward to more from Hintz! Recommend for fans of psychological suspense and thrillers with a literary, supernatural flavor. (4 stars)
- Karen Matthews—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
3. “When He First Saw Me” was great! Although I thought the beginning was kind of slow, and it seemed to take a while for me to reach that magical spot where I just *had* to keep reading, once I was there I was totally hooked. There is some ‘setting up the stage’ of action on the beginning, and at times I thought the narrative was far to ‘literary’ and ‘telling’- always keeping us at arm’s length before pulling us back in. Could just use some ‘trimming of the fat’ in my opinion. But then it all starts to make sense and we are caught up with the bizarre, surreal activities and there are some surprising turn of events I didn’t see coming. It is a quick read, one I finished in the course of a few short evenings. I was genuinely surprised at a few things that happened, and thought the way that Mr. Hintz writes and describes the characters interacting is amazing – we really feel like we are there in the narrator’s head (pardon the pun). It was more emotionally engaging than I thought it would be, but I wasn’t really sure how I felt about the ending though…. I won’t say anything spoliery, but it left me wondering if that was it? Will there be more? Seems like he could continue on with these characters if he wanted to. Regardless, I really enjoyed it and thought it imparted a deep, powerful story in a way that also entertained. Not perfect, but delivers a thought-provoking and entertaining experience. A bit on the dark side but that what makes it so good. Oh and the editing was nearly flawless – bonus! Recommend. (4-5 stars)
- Gillian Hancock—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers
4. Just a heads up – when starting “When He First Saw Me” by Scott Hintz just make sure you don’t have anywhere you need to be or anything you need to do because you won’t want to stop reading until you’ve finished it all!! Trust me on this! The book starts off with an enticing beginning and just keeps going. The characters were genuine and believable, and even though at first I thought I’d have a hard time really buying the whole ‘psychic’ element (as it always just feels to ‘convenient’ in books), here it takes on a unique form in a way that we really believe it. I think what I liked the most about this book was just the overall feel the author managed to create where it felt intimate, like we are really there in their minds as this story unfolds, feeling the things they are feeling and seeing. Loved the unpredictableness, and the fact that this wasn’t just a ‘suspense’ or ‘mystery’ story—far from it. This went much deeper than that, and I was truly impressed with the author’s creative and literary skills. Although I thought at times the pacing could use some tightening, and the ending seemed like it lacked a bigger story resolution, I was very satisfied with the book and will be happy to read more from Scott Hintz in the future. Recommend for readers of suspense/thrillers/literary drama. (4-5 stars)
- Layla Messing—Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers



About the Author
Scott Hintz lives in coastal Virginia with his amazing wife, sons, and dogs. This is his first novel.



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