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Dark Days And Alley Ways by Hannah Benjamin

Dark Days And Alley Ways

by Hannah Benjamin

164 pages
Kidnapped, Beaten, Tortured, Five teens must escape to live.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Jake and his four friends were just normal teens. They live in a normal town, go to a normal high school, and do normal teenager things. None of them have any special abilities, they’re not highly intellectual, they have no amazing artistic abilities, and they’re not army strong in any way possible. Like stated earlier, these five teens are just your average teenagers.

So, why’d it have to happen to them?

One night, the group of friends went out to get some fast food together, taking a short cut through an alley way close to the bad side of town. This single action brought the teens to find out that their small cozy town isn’t all it seems.

They get kidnapped by a group of criminals, with a leader that calls himself ‘the boss’ and his crazy second in command, a girl named Jade with a serious taste for blood. The friends get separated; four of them wake up in one room and one alone in another.
Now it’s time for Jake and his friends to face their fears and try to escape the criminals and get reunited with Marshal, the friend who was separated from the rest of the group. But, they soon find out that even here everything is not how it seems. With intense twist and turns, and blood spilling around every corner, it’s hard to believe anything is how it seems.

But, surprisingly enough they’re not completely hopeless. There is a team, a secret team who call themselves the resistance, who plan on taking the criminals down from the inside and want to help the group of tortured teens escape alive. Will this only bring more heartache as lives continue to be taken?

Jake, Marshal and the rest of their friends may make it out alive, but they will soon find out that it’s not the end of their troubles, pain and suffering plans to follow in their recovery.
But, then again, nothing is how it seems to be.



About the Author
Hannah Benjamin is a fifteen-year-old from Waterford, Pennsylvania. She goes to Fort LeBoeuf High School, and very much enjoys writing and art. Hannah loves to create artwork and storyboards and is hoping to go into some related field in the future.



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