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Dead Ones by David Faulkner

Dead Ones

by David Faulkner

258 pages
Afghani teens comes to America and is involved in a terrorist plot.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
An Afghani teenager, severely wounded when her father is killed by a suicide bomber, is air-lifted to the United States for treatment. While recovering in Bethesda, Md., she is recruited by the FBI to help uncover a terrorist plot led by a Muslim imam from a D.C. mosque.

The hunt for the terrorist cell is complicated by conflicts between the FBI and CIA. The odds are against them as they race against time to identify the target and find the terrorists. The stakes couldn't be higher as they struggle to locate a new and terrible weapon before it can be deployed.



About the Author
David Faulkner David Faulkner is a retired FBI Special Agent and former Chief Investigator for the United States Senate. He has written three other novels and lives in Maryland.



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