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Comedic Divinity: Fateless by Jae Xerrano

Comedic Divinity: Fateless

by Jae Xerrano

400 pages
Mythology, fables and fairytales combine in this acerbic contemporary fantasy.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
Kayen Smith is Fateless.

Invisible and ignored by the universe, unable to affect anything of significance, its not just the melodrama of teen angst the forces of destiny truly have no clue what to do with him! But a persuasive argument from a Duke of Hell offers him the change that he so desperately wants.

In a journey that takes him through Heaven and Hell, and the worlds between, will he accept control over his own life, or finally get the fickle harlot of chance to do the dirty work for him.

From obscurity to front and center, this young man without purpose or hope is given the spotlight he so craves, but at a terrible cost. Now can the Fateless One, a Succubus, a Rage Demon, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack change events set in motion resulting in a deal with a devil?



About the Author
Father of two, husband of one. Native American (Navajo) Taoist, raised by wolves and the self-proclaimed lord of sarcasm and snarky comments. Feel free to join me as I stumble around blindly looking for footing.



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