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In Bed With A Snake: From Defilement to Deliverance of Sexual Demons by Linda D. Lee

In Bed With A Snake: From Defilement to Deliverance of Sexual Demons

by Linda D. Lee

164 pages
A Christianís struggle with sexual immorality and finding Godís deliverance.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
Linda led a Christian life, but behind her church persona was a woman who struggled with proclivities and lust. For years, Linda was able to suppress and ignore her defilement and the spiritual demons she allowed in her life. Her relationship and marriage with a down-low man brought her to a place where she was forced to face her seeds of sexual immorality and accept Godís deliverance.

ďIn Bed with a SnakeĒ is the personal story of a believerís journey to the deliverance from sexual demons. In this unfiltered and tell-all account of sexual immorality, Linda opens the door to her bedroom and intimate relationships to share her testimony. Find out how one moment of a supernatural miracle transformed Linda and set her on a path to develop healthier relationships even with her ex-husband.

The authorís candid revelation lifts the veil on an ugly demon that preys upon the church. ďIn Bed with a SnakeĒ depicts how demons can sneak into your Christian life and find comfort in your bed. Lindaís story delivers a message of Godís deliverance, provides encouragement, and is a blueprint for healing, forgiveness, and peace in the midst of spiritual warfare.



About the Author
Linda D. Lee Linda D. Lee is the Founder of Covered Ministries, LLC, a mobile healing and deliverance ministry serving as an activist for HIV/AIDS, purity, and abstinence. The facilitator of Back 2 Basic Workshops and a graduate of Calvary Cathedral International Bible College. She lives with her wonderful husband Bruce.



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