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The Kirov Wolf: A Detective Pete Nazareth Novel by R.H. Johnson

The Kirov Wolf: A Detective Pete Nazareth Novel

by R.H. Johnson

274 pages
A Russian assassin prowls the streets of New York City.

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
NYPD Detectives Pete Nazareth and Tara Gimble hunt the Kirov Wolf, an assassin who has been hiding in plain sight for decades. The murders of Russian dissidents living in New York City threatens to become an international crisis, and the pressure is on to sort through a long list of plausible suspects.

The homicide investigation uncovers a terrorist plot to wipe Manhattan off the map, and the detectives join forces with federal agents as they race the clock against deadly fanatics.

This tale of murder and international intrigue represents the most complex and potentially deadliest case Nazareth and Gimble have worked.


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About the Author
Author Russ Johnson has written four novels in the Detective Pete Nazareth crime series, with a fifth on the way in 2017. The books are works of fiction, but they have a ring of authenticity derived in part from his military, private-sector, and consulting experiences.



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